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Naughty Indiscretions Collection  by  Anita Lawless

Naughty Indiscretions Collection by Anita Lawless
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The Naughty Indiscretions Collection gives you sizzling stories of friends with benefits and bdsm love. Five stories of forbidden love, bdsm role playing, and much more. This collection also lets you try out Anitas Cherry On Top, Friendly Enemies, and Oh! Shamus series.This collection includes:Paying His Toll: Anna misses out on a double date with her friend Kimmy. Frustrated and disappointed, shes stuck working the night shift at the toll booth. But when an old crush of hers shows up while shes working, Anna makes an impromptu proposition that turns her night around.Wrestler Romance: Cara stole a tape from the private collection of her ex-boyfriends father.

Confession time comes, but theres more than truth telling on her mind. However, Jason the Juggernaut Reinhart, former pro wrestler, thinks she needs to be punished. While hes in the process of disciplining her, his son walks in.Bound & Blindfolded: Emily runs an antique bookstore that sells rare occult books. This is how she meets Ville Jorgensen, a drummer and song writer for a local black metal band. Most folks in their small city think Ville and his ilk are weird, but Emily is intrigued by this musician who also studies esotericism. They develop a friendship that leads to sexual role playing.

He takes her to his home in the woods, where she experiences his dungeon.Betting On Sex: Carlie just lost her job, & theres only 50 dollars left in her account. Now her handsome, much younger landlord wants his rent. She cant pay, so Josh decides to propose another form of payment.Hostage of Lust: Jim Big Man Davies is on a mission to save his marriage. This now retired pro-wrestler fears his wife has fallen for a much younger man.

So, one weekend, he decides its time to play the game. A role playing scenario his wife, Tara, has always fantasized about. Armed with manacles, a blindfold, and toys galore, he only hopes shell fall back in love with him when hes through with her.Bonus Excerpts: Friendly Enemies 1, Cherry On Top Part 1, Friendly Enemies 2, Chloes Affair, and Strip Club Rivalry.

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